I am a mom of two amazing kiddos, and our life is beautiful, busy, and simply chaotic, that is real and I wouldn’t have it any other way, though some days feel better when we work to accentuate the simple.  I am also a yoga instructor, and have  private practice, Jade Counseling, LLC that was created out of my  strong passion for emotional wellness and the mind, body connection. Paying attention to and exerting some control over your emotional, behavioral, and mental states can foster a sense of calm, enhance optimism, or provide social support as well as improve the quality of life, or just allow you to cope better with symptoms. I believe so much in proactive, early interventions, not only working with individuals, young people, families, and couples to gain personal self-awareness and understanding of one another, but also support women and men experiencing  symptoms related to postpartum depression/anxiety, life transitions in self, relationships, and beyond.   I believe strongly in  communicating not only thoughts and emotions, but also an ability to connect to one’s physical self, to the strong messages our bodies send, that our mind may ignore until we ourselves are connected. This blog is a place to express thoughts, resources, and to support you as an individual and family to feel empowered and present. and to feel okay that things don’t always turn out how we plan them.  Its life, and life is good and messy!