What am I doing?

Do you ever have a thought, and then someone says,” what are you waiting for?”  I use to offer a very clear, “this is what I am waiting for, and then 1001 reasons why it was a bad idea, why it wouldn’t go anywhere, and why I wasn’t the lady for the job.  Then one day, I decided to put me and my family first, quit my job and opened a private practice, seeing women experiencing post partum, individuals struggling to make sense of new thoughts and change in their lives, losses and gains, and families/couples wondering what ever made them connect, and will they ever connect again.   Then another day, I decided, I love yoga so much! I love how it makes me feel, I love the people I connect with, I love that I find people who become part of my tribe because hey get me, and so I signed up to complete a 200 hour yoga teacher training.   Who is this person?  And what am I doing?  I continue to decide that if I listen, and real hard to my third eye, my gut!  The one thing that usually leads us all in a pretty good space, I do okay.  I feel fear and worry, but I come across the bridge, and feel success and pride too.  So yet another day, I decide that I love a make up line so much, and why not love it so much you promote it and maybe connect a few amazing people to that feeling I get using it.  So I did, I signed up to be a Beautycounter consultant, because will my face didn’t burn the day I chose it, and that felt super! Super amazing and safe and good….

Then the day came that my daughter, Olivia, my sweet gentle olive branch said, “mom I am so proud of you and I love so much that you teach yoga and you help my tummy feel calm.”  And that was the day, I started Olive Branch Yoga.  For my daughter ( and my son) and for the empowerment, solace, and breath it brings me, and allows me to bring to them, and to others.  And that, well that feels like goodness, and something worth sharing.

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