A Crisp Breath


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We all say it, “summer flew by!” This summer truly did, and I can say it was both a great summer of incredible growth, and an exhausting summer of time management, mom guilt, and playing a mad game of chess with my schedule.

I decided this summer that I would commit to turning my love of practicing yoga into a love of teaching as well.  I completed my RYT 200 hour teacher training through Green Lotus Healing and Wellness Center, and immersed myself in 3 months of intense learning and practice.   They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and man was I at the end of the end of mine.  I showed up though, worked my program, and truly gave all of me, mind, body, and soul to a practice, an incredible teaching that I love so much.  I will forever be a student, and I tell my clients this all the time.  We are always learning, always growing, and always experiencing moments of complete discomfort that will catapult us to the next level.  Always striving to be better, more knowledge, and aware for not only ourselves and our families, but for those we work with.  When you stop learning, you truly stop showing up in everyway.

I experienced change, and a community of women, who truly became my sisters, all of us supporting and celebrating one another.  I also experienced intense mom guilt for the time spent away from my kids, and working to maintain a supportive space and schedule for my practice and clients.  We learn that nothing can be done 100% all of the time, something, someone is going to suffer a little bit in the midst of change and growth.  This use to cause me such anxiety, feeling as if I wasn’t doing everything at my very best self.  Its impossible, and that is okay!  Its okay, to show up for ourselves more than we may show up in other ways because in the end, showing up in that way, offers greatness for all the other areas of life.  Its a constant eb and flow, and an ability to let go, ride the wave, knowing it will go out just as much as it will come back in.  We learn and relearn that it is best practice to breath, jump on, and follow the wave (whatever it may be) wherever it goes. And be okay to surrender in that moment, along with the discomfort it brings. And it may bring a lot. But you know what, “THAT’S OKAY!”

I ended the summer with a crisp breath, more thoughtful, more connected, and more ready to offer a foundation of strength, support, and change for not only myself, but those I cross paths with day in and day out.  My kids were offered a window into growth and transformation for their mom, and a message of, ” we never stop growing, taking risks, and feeling uneasy.”  It’s in these moments we breath in the crisp air, offer an intention, and tell ourselves, ” I can do anything I put my mind to, and I will feel each feel along the way.”

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